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Heading to Washington…

I have accepted an invitation to testify before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday, December 19 in Washington D.C.  The 10:00 a.m. hearing is titled “The State of the Right to Vote After the 2012 Election.”

I’ll join former Governor of Florida Charlie Crist, Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz, South Carolina State Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter and Nina Perales of the Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

The opportunity to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee is a distinct honor and privilege and I’m looking forward to offering our insights on this election cycle and shed some light on Arizona’s system of elections.

The hearing will take place in Room 226 of the Dirksen Senate Office Building.

A webcast of the hearing will be available at:


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Names for Arizona’s WWII Memorial

Abad   Basil   Gila
Abasta, Jr. Manuel   Cochise
Ableman   Bert   Mohave
Abril   Carlos   Maricopa
Acedo   Usbaldo   Pima
Acosta   Bruno   Maricopa
Acton   William   Gila
Acuna   Edward   Pima
Adams   Frank   Graham
Aday   Ralph   Navajo
Adcock   Thomas   Maricopa
Aguilar   Gilbert   Maricopa
Aguirre    Filiberto   Pima
Ahrens   Conwalt   Pima
Aira   John   Cochise
Alcaraz   Ysmael   Maricopa
Alexander Alfred   Yuma
Alford   Fred   Santa Cruz
Allen   Lonnie   Gila
Allen   Paul   Pima
Allgood   Norman   Yuma
Allison   Robert   Maricopa
Alsop, Jr.   Wilber   Maricopa
Alspach   Corwin   Maricopa
Alspach   Thomas   Maricopa
Altaha   Thomas   Navajo
Alvarez   Julian   Maricopa
Alvarez   Jose   Pima
Alvarez   Tony   Pima
Alvarez   Jesus   Santa Cruz
Alvarez   Ernest   State at Large
Alverez   Gregorio   Gila
Amberson James   Gila
Amos   Robert   Maricopa
Andersen Wesley   Maricopa
Anderson Herbert   Maricopa
Anderson Truman   Maricopa
Anderson Glenn   Maricopa
Andrews, Jr. Lloyd   Maricopa
Angle, Jr.   Ambrose   Maricopa
Angle, Jr.   Henry   Maricopa
Anton   Willscott   Maricopa
Antone   Alonzo   Pima
Antonio   Haskell   Pinal
Apodaca   Ralph   Coconino
Apodaca   Juan   Maricopa
Apostolos Frank   Santa Cruz
Araiza   Felipe   Gila
Araki   Masashi   Pinal
Archambeau Guy   Navajo
Archdale   Percy   Mohave
Arino   Joe   Santa Cruz
Armagnac Alex   Cochise
Arney   Buford   Pinal
Aros   Candido   Pima
Arredondo F.   Maricopa
Arriola   Vicente   Gila
Arriola, Jr. Frank   Pima
Artherholt Delbert   Maricopa
Ashley   Felix   Apache
Askew   Earl   Maricopa
Ault   Guy   Maricopa
Austerman Chester   Maricopa
Ayala   Feliciano   Maricopa
Ayres   Francis   Maricopa
Ayze   Earl   Apache
Baber   James   Maricopa
Baca   Isidro   Apache
Baca   Isidro   Apache
Baca   Joe   Coconino
Baca   Mike   Navajo
Baca   Jose   Pinal
Bailey   John   Cochise
Bailey   Harry    Navajo
Baird   Joe   Maricopa
Baker   Loy   Coconino
Baker   Lemuel   Pima
Baker   Lester   Pima
Baker, Jr.   Don   Maricopa
Baleman   Bert   Mohave
Banashley Frank   Navajo
Barber   Robert   Maricopa
Bargelo   Augustin   Cochise
Barker   Bobby   Pima
Barney   Hulick   Maricopa
Barrasso, Jr. Louis   Pima
Basden   Orval   Maricopa
Basurto   Ricardo   Pima
Bates   Raymond   Gila
Beattie   James   Maricopa
Beck   Allan   Greenlee
Beck   Richard   Pima
Beck    Harold    Maricopa
Bedolla   Epifanio   Cochise
Bedoya   Atalfo   Yavapai
Bedoya   Atalfo   Yuma
Beeman, Jr. William   Pima
Beeson   Clarence   Navajo
Begay   Gussie   Apache
Begay   Paul   Navajo
Bejarano   Eduardo   Pima
Beligoody Ache   Apache
Belis   Fernando   Pima
Bell   Robert   Cochise
Bender   Ralph   Maricopa
Benko   Arthur   Cochise
Bennett   John   Coconino
Bennett   James   Maricopa
Bentley   Jesse   Maricopa
Bergman   Oscar   Mohave
Bermudez Felix   Cochise
Bermumen Raul   Yavapai
Bernal   Hinginio   Maricopa
Bertie, Jr.   George   Maricopa
Berumen   Raul   Yavapai
Beverly   Paul   Cochise
Bia   Kee   Apache
Bickley   John   Pima
Bickley   Robert   Pima
Billingsley Jack   Yuma
Birch   William   Maricopa
Birdsley   Leon   Cochise
Bishop   Ivan   Maricopa
Biye   Walter    Apache
Black   Billy   Pinal
Black   Charles   Yuma
Black, Jr.   Bert   Yavapai
Black, Jr.   Charles   Yavapai
Blackwell   Frank   Maricopa
Blaine   Franklin   Maricopa
Blair   Allison   Yuma
Blakeney   Elmo   Maricopa
Blaker   Howard   Greenlee
Blanchard Rufus   Pinal
Bland   Vernon   Pima
Bogan   Charles   Maricopa
Bogard   Douglas   Maricopa
Bogle   William   Pima
Bogle   William   Pima
Bohanon   Leonard   Maricopa
Bojorquez Miguel   Maricopa
Bojorquez Mike   Pima
Boltarez   Inocente   Gila
Bonack   Nicholas   Maricopa
Bond   Josiah   Santa Cruz
Booker   Sherman   Maricopa
Booth   Gerald   Yavapai
Booth   Gerald   Yuma
Boozer   Edward   Yuma
Borboa   Antonio   Pima
Borbon   Esteban   Cochise
Borda   Joseph   Pima
Boreman   Albert   Cochise
Boren, Jr.   Mose   Mohave
Borough   John   Pima
Borron   Esteban   Cochise
Bowen   Oliver   State at Large
Bower   Roger   State at Large
Bowman   Charles   Yavapai
Bowman   Charles   Yavapai
Boyd   John   Maricopa
Boyd   John   Pima
Boyer   Elmer   Gila
Boyer   Clark   Pima
Boykin   William   Coconino
Bozarth   Theodore Cochise
Bradshaw Deloss   Maricopa
Branch   James   Maricopa
Branson   France   Cochise
Brantley   Henry   Navajo
Brazil   Carthor   Maricopa
Breedlove Ben   Maricopa
Brevdy   Oscar   Pinal
Brewer   Leonard   Yavapai
Brewer   Leo   Yuma
Brodie   Bunton    Maricopa
Brooks   Lee   Pinal
Brooksby   Vivtor   Coconino
Brown   Marcus   Cochise
Brown   Barton   Maricopa
Brown   Donald   Maricopa
Brown   Sam   Maricopa
Brown   William   Maricopa
Brown   Johnny   Navajo
Brown   Clyde   Pinal
Brown   Gail   State at Large
Browno   Donald   Maricopa
Bryant   David   Apache
Bryant, Jr. Kenneth   Pima
Bryce   Gordon   Graham
Buelna   Ralph   Maricopa
Bundy   Lincoln   Mohave
Burbank   Frederick   Gila
Burbuel   Carlos   Pima
Burdette   Snyder   Gila
Burke   Floyd   Maricopa
Burkett   Arthur   Gila
Burnett   Jack   Graham
Burnette   Roy   Navajo
Burnhelm Carl   Coconino
Burns   James   Coconino
Burns   Robert   Gila
Burt, Jr.   Joseph   Gila
Burton   Frank   Navajo
Busenbark Joseph   Cochise
Busey   Jay   Maricopa
Bushong   John   Maricopa
Butler   John   Maricopa
Byers   Lewis   Maricopa
Byrd   Staten   Maricopa
Cabrales   Guillermo Maricopa
Calderon   Manuel   Maricopa
Caldwell   James   Cochise
Caldwell   George   Maricopa
Calhoun   Oscar    Maricopa
Calindo   Jose   Santa Cruz
Callahan   Charles   Coconino
Camacho   Luis   Yavapai
Camacho   Luis   Yuma
Camarena Frank   Gila
Camarena Manuel   Maricopa
Campbell   Frank   Gila
Campbell   Leonard   Maricopa
Canez   Francisco   Pima
Cano   Adam   Yavapai
Cano   Orland   Yavapai
Cano   Adam   Yuma
Cano   Orlando   Yuma
Cardenaz   Manuel   Maricopa
Carl   William   Maricopa
Carl   Derrell   Yavapai
Carl   Derrell   Yuma
Carlisle   Richard   Pima
Carlos   Ventura   Pima
Carlson   Foster   Graham
Carlton   Wilson   Gila
Carney   Rufus   Maricopa
Carpenter Joseph   Gila
Carpenter Charles   Pima
Carr   Lorraine    Yuma
Carrasco   Gabriel   Cochise
Carrillo   Stephen   Maricopa
Carrillo   Raymond   Pima
Carrillo   Joe   Pinal
Carrillo   Edward   Santa Cruz
Carroll   Robert   State at Large
Carter   Henry   Navajo
Carter   Dahlmain   Pima
Carter   James   State at Large
Case   Floyd   Yavapai
Case   Floyd   Yuma
Castillo   Trinle   Maricopa
Castillo   Frederico   Santa Cruz
Castro   Silvestre   Gila
Castro   Alberto   Maricopa
Castro   Eutimio   Maricopa
Castro   Jesus   Pinal
Catterton   Reuel   Maricopa
Caughey   Isaac   Maricopa
Caughey   Isaac   Maricopa
Cecil   Robert   Gila
Cerino   Charlie   Maricopa
Cervantez Jose   Graham
Chadwell   Austin   Yavapai
Chadwell   Austin   Yuma
Chambers Benjamin   Cochise
Chandler   John   Pima
Chaparro   Ramon   Pima
Chapman   Oliver   Maricopa
Chapman   Billy   Maricopa
Chapman   Francis   Mohave
Charles   Frank   Maricopa
Chase   Joseph   Maricopa
Chase   Luther   Navajo
Chavarria   Pedro   Pima
Chavez   Felix   Cochise
Chavez   Guadalupe Yavapai
Chavez, Jr. Alfredo   Pima
Chenoweth James   Pima
Chesley   Darvel   Graham
Chesley   Eugene   Graham
Chesley   Darvel   Graham
Chico   Kee   Apache
Chism   J.   Graham
Choate   Simeon   Maricopa
Christensen Carlos   Maricopa
Christianson Alvin   Coconino
Christofferson D.   Maricopa
Cienfuegos Joseph   Maricopa
Cinnajinny Frank   Apache
Cisnneros Luz   Greenlee
Clah   George    Navajo
Clark   Vernon   Gila
Clark   Charles   Maricopa
Claunch   Arthur   Pima
Clawson   Harry   Graham
Clayton   James   Maricopa
Clement   Richard   Maricopa
Clement   James   Pinal
Cleveland Charles   Cochise
Clinch   Andrew   Cochise
Clyne   Robert   Pima
Cobb   John   Mohave
Cochran   Ernest   Maricopa
Cocio   Barney   Pima
Cocio   William   Pima
Cockburn   Charles   Maricopa
Coddington H.   Maricopa
Cole   Kenneth   Coconino
Cole   Lowell   Gila
Cole   Raymond   Maricopa
Cole   Claude   Yavapai
Cole   Claude   Yuma
Colebourne Robert   Pima
Colelay   Ross   Navajo
Collie   Arlie   Pima
Collier   Charles   Pima
Collier   Garland   State at Large
Collins   Vorous   Gila
Collins   Arland   Graham
Collins   Hubert   Pima
Collins   Simon   Pima
Collins   Lawrence  Santa Cruz
Collins   Earl   State at Large
Collins   Clifton   Yavapai
Collom   Perry   Yuma
Colombo   Robert   Maricopa
Colunga   Francisco   Santa Cruz
Conboy   John   Yuma
Condio   Venito   Pima
Condos   Chris   Maricopa
Conradi   Albert   Pima
Conroy   John   Yavapai
Contreras Gustave   Pima
Conway   William   Gila
Cook   Archie   Gila
Cook   Roy   Yavapai
Cook   Roy   Yuma
Cooper   Sheldon   Maricopa
Cooper   Conrad   Pima
Coranado   Santiago   Pima
Cordero   Florentino Navajo
Cordova   Manuel   Gila
Cordova   Edwardo   Greenlee
Cordova   Harry   Maricopa
Corley   Cecil   Cochise
Cornford   Russell   State at Large
Cortez   Luis   Coconino
Cortez   Jesus   Yavapai
Cortez   Jesus   Yuma
Cota   William   Pima
Cotmer   Thomas   Yavapai
Cotner   Thomas   Yavapai
Couch   Cecil   Maricopa
Courville   Ovis   Pima
Cox   Franklin   Maricopa
Cox   John   Maricopa
Craddock   Kenneth   Gila
Craig   Calvin   Gila
Crandall   Nolan   Graham
Crandall   Rex   Maricopa
Creasy   Leonard   Mohave
Cremeens Louis    Yuma
Crews   Stanley   Maricopa
Crist   Henry   Cochise
Crockett   G.P.   Pinal
Crosby   George    Maricopa
Cross   Gene   Navajo
Cruz   Raymond   Coconino
Cuaron   Jesus   Yavapai
Cuda   Raymond   Greenlee
Cullins   Delton   Graham
Culton   Charley   Mohave
Cumbie   Baxter   Maricopa
Cummings William   Santa Cruz
Cummins   Harold   Cochise
Cunningham Charles   Cochise
Cunningham Harvey   Navajo
Curley   Elmer   State at Large
Curtis   Lamar   Gila
Curtis   Abe   Graham
Curtis   Paige   Maricopa
Curtis   Johnson   Navajo
Curtis   Herbert   Pima
Cushing   Walter   Maricopa
Cvijanovich Samuel   Yavapai
Daley   Richard   Yavapai
Daniel   Arnold   Maricopa
Daniel   Henry   Maricopa
Daniel   Edward   Pinal
Daniels   Mathew   Pima
Darland   Dwight   Pima
Darter   James   Pinal
d’Autremont Charles   Pima
Davenport Fred   Maricopa
Davenport Robert   Yavapai
Davidson   Gilbert   Coconino
Davidson   Rexford   Maricopa
Davies   Warren   Gila
Davies   James   Maricopa
Davis   Richard   Gila
Davis   Charles   Graham
Davis   Lawrence   Maricopa
Davis   Lee   Maricopa
Davis   Mackie   Maricopa
Davis   Raymond   Maricopa
Dawes   Arthur   Apache
Dawson   Robert   Pinal
De Booy   George   Cochise
De Grande Barney   Yuma
De La Rosa Antonio   Pima
De Vore   Thomas   Pima
Deal   Virgil   Cochise
DeGrande Barney   Yavapai
Del Castillo Joaquim   Maricopa
Delaney   Don   Maricopa
DeLisle   Don   State at Large
Dennis   James   Gila
Dennison, Jr. Joseph   Maricopa
Denny   James   Yavapai
Denton   John   Maricopa
Deshazo   Jack   Gila
DeVore   Thomas   Maricopa
Dewane   Orin   Navajo
Dial   Thomas   Maricopa
Diaz   Antonio   Gila
Diaz   Alfonso   Santa Cruz
Dick   Justin   Coconino
Dickens   Donald   Yavapai
Dickerson, Jr. Guy   Coconino
Diffendal   John   Pima
Dindinger Robert   Pinal
Disiere, Jr. Alfred   Maricopa
Diskin   Claud   Yavapai
Dobbs   Earl   Pima
Dobson   George   Maricopa
Dollins   James   State at Large
Dom Sing   T.   Pima
Dominguez Ygnacio   Maricopa
Dominguez, Jr. E.A.   State at Large
Don   Sing   Pima
Dona   David   Gila
Donbrook Kenneth   Maricopa
Dorman   David   State at Large
Dougherty Jack   Cochise
Dougherty Andrew   Yavapai
Doughtery Andrew   Yuma
Doughty   William   Maricopa
Dow   Aaron   Maricopa
Dowling   John   Coconino
Drake   Owen   Cochise
Draper   David   State at Large
Drummond Harold   Pima
Drynan, Jr. William   Cochise
Duarte   Albert   Gila
Duenes   Marciano   Cochise
Duke   I.   Maricopa
Duncan   Jack   Maricopa
Dunlap   Calvin   Maricopa
DuPuy   Ernest   Pinal
Duran   Alberto   Maricopa
Duran   Pete   Navajo
Dye   Earl   Pinal
Dymock, Jr. John   Cochise
Eades   Floyd   Gila
Earl   Mervin   Apache
Earl   Thayer   Maricopa
Earle   Fred   Maricopa
Earle   Sam   Maricopa
Eaton   Truman   Maricopa
Eaves   Harold   Gila
Ebeling   Chester   Pinal
Ebert, Jr.   William   State at Large
Edmondson, Jr. I.R.   Pima
Edmondson, Jr. T.   Pima
Edwards   William   Coconino
Edwards   Edward   Maricopa
Edwards   Joseph   Maricopa
Edwards   O.   Pima
Edwards   William    Yavapai
Eikner   James   Gila
Eisenbach Robert   Maricopa
Ekola   Edward   Yavapai
Ellis   Henry   Gila
Ellis   Eugene   Maricopa
Ellis   Bruce   Pima
Ellis   Irvin   Pima
Emery   Ernest   Mohave
Encinas   Jose   Maricopa
Endo   Hiroo   Yavapai
Endo   Hiroo   Yuma
Englestead Karl   Coconino
Ennefer   Paul   Maricopa
Enojos   John   Maricopa
Ensminger Robert   Pima
Erdman   Robert   Yavapai
Erdman   Robert   Yuma
Escalante   George   Maricopa
Escalante   Cipriano   Maricopa
Escalante   Antonio   Pinal
Escalanto   Gabriel   Maricopa
Escobar   Jesus   Maricopa
Escobedo   Tony   Graham
Eshelman John   Maricopa
Espinoza   Jesus   Pima
Espinoza   Rodolfo   Santa Cruz
Espitia   Joseph   Navajo
Esquer   Jose   Cochise
Esquer   Rafael   Cochise
Estes   Rex   Maricopa
Estrada   Manuel   Cochise
Estrada   Arthur   Maricopa
Estrada   Raul   Maricopa
Estrada   Bernadino Pima
Estrada   Gilberto   Santa Cruz
Estrate   Russell   Maricopa
Eustace   Milton   Yuma
Evans   Jack   State at Large
Evans   Frank   Yavapai
Evans   Frank   Yuma
Ewsniger   Robert   Pima
Fanchette Robert   Pima
Fannin   Joe   Maricopa
Farley   Talmage   Gila
Farnsworth Alfred   Maricopa
Farr   Asahel   Apache
Fausset   Eugene   Maricopa
Faust   Joseph    Maricopa
Feaster   Emil   Maricopa
Fees   Everett   Maricopa
Felch, Jr.   Harry   Maricopa
Felix   Manuel   Maricopa
Felix   Francisco   Pima
Felton   Russell   Navajo
Ferguson   Robert   Gila
Ferguson   Alfred   Maricopa
Ferguson   Homer   Navajo
Ferguson   Edward   Pima
Ferguson   Allen   State at Large
Ferra   Felipe   Pima
Field   Frank   Maricopa
Fields   Carney   Maricopa
Fierro   Joe   Greenlee
Fierros   Albert   Maricopa
Fierros   Frank   Maricopa
Figgins   Earl   Pinal
Figueroa   Jose   Maricopa
Figueroa   Alfredo   Pima
Figueroa   Frederick   Pima
Figueroa   Damen   Pinal
Fimbrez   Santiago   Maricopa
Findley   William   State at Large
Finn   Howard   State at Large
Flake   Robert   Maricopa
Flame   Peter   Yavapai
Flame   Peter   Yuma
Fleming   Robert   Maricopa
Flores   Gustavo   Maricopa
Flores   Joaquin   Maricopa
Flores   Manuel   Pima
Flores   Alcario   Pinal
Flores   Richard   Pinal
Florez   Manuel   Yavapai
Florez   Paul   Yavapai
Flynn   Robert   Yavapai
Fogle   R.   Greenlee
Foglesong Don   Maricopa
Foltz   Gordon   Maricopa
Foote   Kenneth   Maricopa
Ford   Jack   Pima
Forrey   Maurice   Cochise
Fortner   Raymond   Santa Cruz
Foster   Victor   Cochise
Foster   Edward   Coconino
Fowler   Harry   Maricopa
Fox   Kenneth   Yavapai
Fox   Kenneth   Yuma
Francisco   Austin   Pima
Franklin   Morris   Yavapai
Franklin   Morris   Yuma
Franklin, Jr. Morris   Greenlee
Fredericks, Jr. John   Pima
Freitag   Norman   Maricopa
French   Wayland   Navajo
French   Elliot   Pima
Friedman   Robert   Pima
Frisbie   Gilbert   Yavapai
Frost   Guy   Maricopa
Fuentes   Pedro   Cochise
Fugate   Jerald   Maricopa
Fulton   Robert   Yavapai
Gai   Bert   Apache
Gale   Kayah   Apache
Gale   Henry   Pima
Galindo   Jose   Santa Cruz
Gallego   Gabriel   Santa Cruz
Gallegos   Alfred   Coconino
Galusha   Lawrence  Pima
Gamez   Joaquin   Pima
Garcia   Jose   Cochise
Garcia   Joseph   Cochise
Garcia   Ernesto   Maricopa
Garcia   George   Maricopa
Garcia   Jesus   Maricopa
Garcia   Joe   Maricopa
Garcia   John   Maricopa
Garcia   Gonzalo   Pima
Garcia   Ignacio   Pima
Garcia   Ramiro   Pima
Garcia   Lawrence  Pima
Gardner   Kenneth   Navajo
Gardner   Melvin   Navajo
Gardner   Eugene   Yavapai
Gardner   Eugene   Yuma
Garner, Jr. Floyd   Cochise
Garrels   William   Pinal
Garver   Richard   Maricopa
Gastelum   Alfredo   Pima
Gastelum   Alfred   Pima
Gastelum   William    Pinal
Gatlin   Samuel   Pima
Gavette   Ralph   Maricopa
Gaxiola   Gus   Cochise
Gay   Louis   Pinal
Gentry   Clyde   Pima
George   Raymond   Gila
Gerele   George   Maricopa
Gerle   George   Pinal
Gholson   Hubert   Maricopa
Gifford   Vernal   Maricopa
Gilbert   George   Pinal
Giles   Harry   Navajo
Gillespie   Frank   Maricopa
Gilliand   Ralph   Yuma
Gilliland   Ralph   Yavapai
Ginet   Eugene   Yavapai
Gishi   Alexander Navajo
Gjerberg   Bruce   Maricopa
Glasson   George   Cochise
Gober   George   Pima
Gold   Eli   Maricopa
Goldtrap   John   Yavapai
Gomez   Jesus   Maricopa
Gomez   Elio   Pima
Gomez   Jesus   Pinal
Gonzales   Alfred   Gila
Gonzales   Ermino   Navajo
Gonzales   Jose   Pima
Gonzales   Joe   Pima
Gonzales   Robert   Santa Cruz
Gonzales   Moises   Santa Cruz
Good   Deroy   Maricopa
Goodall   Al   Maricopa
Goodluck   Johnnie   Apache
Goodman Eugene   Maricopa
Goodwin   Randolph   Pima
Gorham, Jr. Patrick   Pinal
Gorman   John   Apache
Gottschalk Sidney   Maricopa
Goulette   C.H.   Pima
Graham   Robert   Cochise
Graham   Norman   Coconino
Graham   Walter   Maricopa
Granillo   Conrado   Yavapai
Grassman Peter   Maricopa
Graves   Robert   Maricopa
Gray   Nelson   Maricopa
Gray   W.   Pinal
Grayard   William    Navajo
Green   William   State at Large
Green   Howard   Yuma
Greene   Donald    Maricopa
Greenfield Thomas   Maricopa
Greenhaw Chalres   Maricopa
Greenlee   Leonard   Pima
Greenwood Ernest   Maricopa
Greer   Gilbert   Apache
Greer   Jerold   Apache
Greer   Malcolm   Apache
Gregg   Ira   Maricopa
Grewling   Robert   Cochise
Griffin   William   Pinal
Grijalva   Albert   Maricopa
Groom   William   Maricopa
Grubbs   David   Apache
Guerrero   Jesus   Gila
Guerrero   Pedro   Pima
Guice   Roy   Maricopa
Guidara   Louis   Maricopa
Guisti   Frank   Yavapai
Guiterrez   S.   Maricopa
Gunason   Robert   Pima
Gunter   Manning   Gila
Gutierrez   Trinidad   Apache
Gutierrez   Roberto   Maricopa
Gutierrez   Manuel   Pima
Gutierrez   Hilario   Pima
Gutierrez   Henry   Pinal
Guzman   Triso   Gila
Hadley   Oliver   Yavapai
Hadra   Ernest   Maricopa
Halbrooks Arthur   Maricopa
Hale   Russell   Pima
Hall   John   Maricopa
Hallford   Frederick   Maricopa
Hallmark   Floyd    Maricopa
Halyvi   Ernest   Navajo
Hamberlin Bernard   Maricopa
Hamblin   Junius   Apache
Hamburger Walter   Maricopa
Hamilton, Jr. Duke   Yavapai
Hammer, Jr. George   Cochise
Hammock Raymond   Maricopa
Hammond Robert   Maricopa
Hammons Clarence   Pinal
Hancock   Clyde   Greenlee
Handley   James   Maricopa
Handwerk William    Maricopa
Haney   Henry   Yavapai
Haney   Henry   Yuma
Hanks   Julian   Yavapai
Hanks   Julian   Yuma
Hanson   Allen   Maricopa
Harbin   Harold   Pima
Harden   Walter   Maricopa
Harding   William    Maricopa
Hardy   John   Pima
Hardy   George   Pima
Hardy   John   Pima
Hardy   James   Yavapai
Hardy   James   Yuma
Haric   John   Maricopa
Harney   Adam   Gila
Haro   Rafael   Pinal
Harris   Arizona   Maricopa
Harris   Frederick   Maricopa
Harris   Jack   Maricopa
Harris   Donald   Maricopa
Harris   Edward   Pima
Harrison   Jack   Maricopa
Harrison   Melvin   Pima
Harrison   Carl   Yavapai
Harrison   Paul   Yavapai
Harrison   Paul   Yuma
Hart    William    Pinal
Hart, Jr.   William   Maricopa
Hartman   William   State at Large
Hatfield   J.   Maricopa
Haun   Harold   Maricopa
Hauser   Joseph   Maricopa
Haverfield William   Cochise
Haverty   Melvin   Cochise
Hayashi   Tadao   Maricopa
Hayes   Boyd   Maricopa
Hayes   Leonard   Yavapai
Hazlett   Paul   Maricopa
Hedrick   John   Yavapai
Heffington Dale   Yavapai
Heffington Dale   Yuma
Hemovich Steve   Gila
Henderson Raymond   Greenlee
Hendricks Carl   Maricopa
Hendricks Marion   Maricopa
Hendricks Joseph   Pima
Heninger   Wilford   Santa Cruz
Henry   Terry   Maricopa
Hensley   Woodrow Maricopa
Henson   Archie   Gila
Henson   Lathon   Maricopa
Herbert, Jr. Luke   State at Large
Herman   Bob   Maricopa
Hernandez Alberto   Cochise
Hernandez Manuel   Gila
Hernandez Trinidad   Greenlee
Hernandez Alfonso   Pima
Hernandez Frank   Pinal
Hernandez Arturo   Pinal
Hernandez Joe   Yavapai
Hernandez Donato   Yavapai
Hernandez Joe   Yuma
Herring, Jr. Alvin   Pinal
Herzig   Edward   Santa Cruz
Heslington Stanley   Pima
Hichfill   Harrison   State at Large
Hickcox, Jr. Charles   Pima
Hicks   Alvin   Maricopa
Hidalgo   Ramon   Maricopa
Hidalgo   Savas   Maricopa
Hildebrand John   Pima
Hill   Travis   Graham
Hill   Allen   Maricopa
Hill   Melvin   Pima
Hinckley   Howard   State at Large
Hindman   Samuel   Pima
Hines   George   Coconino
Hinojos   Abram   Maricopa
Hinton   Earl   Yavapai
Hinton, III George   Maricopa
Hirales   Felipe   Cochise
Hirales   Ralph   Cochise
Hirales   Frank   Yavapai
Hirales   Frank   Yuma
Hirschy   Russell   Maricopa
Hiskey   John   Yavapai
Hisky   John   Yuma
Hoahtewa Roy   Navajo
Hodge   Wilfred   Maricopa
Hoge   Howard   Maricopa
Hogue   Charles   Coconino
Holcomb   Marvin   State at Large
Holcombe Harold   Maricopa
Hollowell George   Maricopa
Holmes   William   Cochise
Holmes   Robert   Maricopa
Holt   Jack   Maricopa
Honadick   Alvin   Yavapai
Honadick   Alvin   Yuma
Honaker   Hampton   Maricopa
Honowhoya Allen   Navajo
Hood   Henry   Maricopa
Hooks   Wayland   Maricopa
Hoover   Floyd   State at Large
Hoover   Roy   Yavapai
Hoover   Roy   Yuma
Horrocks   James   Santa Cruz
Horstmann, Jr. A. H.   Maricopa
Horstmann, Jr. A.   Maricopa
Hosay   Oscar   Graham
Housewood Johnson   Apache
Houx   Frank   State at Large
Howard   Edwin   Maricopa
Hubbard   Robert   Yavapai
Hubbard, Jr. Hugh   State at Large
Hubbell   Roman   Apache
Hudgens, Jr. William   Coconino
Hudgeons Leo   Pinal
Huff   Elbert   Coconino
Huff   Robert   Pima
Hufsmith   Richard   Yavapai
Huggins   George   Yavapai
Hughes   Roy    Cochise
Hughes   Fred   Yavapai
Hughes   Fred   Yuma
Huish   Billy   Cochise
Huish   Nephi   Cochise
Huizar   Joe   Maricopa
Hunt   Earl   Maricopa
Hunt   Paul   Navajo
Hunt   Quince   Navajo
Hurlbut   Harmon   Yavapai
Hurst   Clarence   State at Large
Hurt   Arlie   Maricopa
Hushbeck Thomas   Pima
Hutchinson Henry   Maricopa
Ible   Charley   Graham
Ibold   Robert   Maricopa
Ijams   William   Graham
Ijans   William   Navajo
Inglish   Alvin   Maricopa
Irion   Klein   Maricopa
Irwin   Jack   Maricopa
Ishida   Minobu   Pinal
Islas   Flavio   Pima
Isom   Norman   Maricopa
Itule   Louie   State at Large
Ivanovich, Jr. Peter   Cochise
Iverson   George   Mohave
Ivey   Charles   Yavapai
Izuminzanki Henry   Yavapai
Izumizaki   Henry   Yuma
Jackson   James   Graham
Jackson   Asa   Maricopa
Jacobson   John   Greenlee
Jacovo   Arthur   Maricopa
Jaime   Thomas   Yavapai
James   Brian   Maricopa
James   Frederick   Maricopa
James   John   Maricopa
James   Robert   Maricopa
James   Calvin   Yavapai
Jameson, Jr. Arthur   Graham
Jamie   Thomas   Yavapai
Janes   Calvin   Yuma
Janner   Robert   Pima
Janson   Lawrence  Maricopa
Jarahillo   Raymond   Yavapai
Jaramillo   Juan   Apache
Jaramillo   Raymond   Yuma
Jarnagin   Merle   Maricopa
Jarrett   Leland   Pima
Jaynes   J.P.   Maricopa
Jeffries, Jr. Clymer   Yavapai
Jelley   Neil   Pima
Jellinghausen, Jr. J.   Greenlee
Jenkins   Frank   Maricopa
Jennings   James   Maricopa
Jensen   Orsen   Graham
Jensen, Jr. Lawrence   Maricopa
Jimenez   Reyes   Maricopa
Jimerson   Harold   Pima
John   Ralph   Graham
Johnson   Albert   Cochise
Johnson   Donald   Gila
Johnson   Lowell   Maricopa
Johnson   Norman   Maricopa
Johnson   Robert   Maricopa
Johnson   George   Maricopa
Johnson   Carl   Maricopa
Johnson   George   Maricopa
Johnson   Virgil   Pinal
Johnson, Jr. James   Gila
Johnston   Milton   Pima
Jones   Frederick   Greenlee
Jones   Jerald   Maricopa
Jones   Paul   Maricopa
Jones   Kenneth   Maricopa
Jones   Elmer   Pima
Jones   Jack   Pima
Jones   John   Pima
Jones   Manuel   Pinal
Jones   John   State at Large
Jones, Jr.   Thomas   Apache
Jones, Jr.   Lambert   Gila
Jones, Jr.   Charles   Gila
Jones, Jr.   Frederick   Greenlee
Jones, Jr.   Ernest   Pima
Jorgensen Orval   State at Large
Jose   Anthony   Pinal
Joslin, Jr.   John   Maricopa
Joyner   Thomas   Maricopa
Joyner, Jr. James   Yavapai
Joyner, Jr. James   Yuma
Juan   Herman   Maricopa
Juan   Anselmo   Pima
Juarez   Richard   Yavapai
Judd   Marvin   Cochise
Judd   Lloyd   Coconino
Judy   John   Navajo
Juncker   Vernon   Maricopa
Kaestner, Jr. Edward   Maricopa
Kaldman   Leonard   Yavapai
Kaldman   Leaonard   Yuma
Kanada   James   Pinal
Kanuho   Amos   Navajo
Kavoka   Simon   Maricopa
Keahne   Frank   Apache
Keaney, Jr. George   Cochise
Keenan   John   Pima
Keevan   John   Pima
Keith   George   Maricopa
Kellam   Harry   Gila
Kelley   George   Pima
Kelly   Norman   Coconino
Kelly   James   Maricopa
Kelly   John   Maricopa
Kelly   Thomas   Maricopa
Kelton, Jr. James   Maricopa
Kempe   Jack   Apache
Kemph   Frank   Pima
Kenahan   William   Cochise
Kendall   Leonard   Pinal
Kendall   Jack   Pinal
Kennedy   Dale   Maricopa
Kennon   Dan   Cochise
Keohen   James   Maricopa
Kerkes   Thomas   Maricopa
Keyannie   Walter   Coconino
Kidde   Alton   Gila
Kimball   Edgar   Yavapai
Kimball   Edgar   Yuma
King   Kenneth   Cochise
King   Charles   Maricopa
King   Raymond   Pima
King, Jr.   Arthur   Maricopa
Kinser   John   Pinal
Kirby   Hardy   Cochise
Kirk   Leo   Apache
Kirkbride   Herman   Pinal
Kishi   Robert   Coconino
Kislingbury Walter   Navajo
Kissinger    Jack   Maricopa
Kite   Samuel   Coconino
Kleinman   Lloyd   Pinal
Kline   Jose   Greenlee
Knickerbocker E.L.   Pima
Knight   Lester   Maricopa
Knight Jr   John   Maricopa
Knight, Jr. Chester   Yavapai
Koebel   Kenneth   Pima
Koebel   Leonard   Pima
Kojaku   Shaw   Pinal
Komoto   Nobuo   Pinal
Kondo   Henry   Pinal
Kormas   John   State at Large
Krauch   Carlos   Pima
Kuban   Johnnie   Maricopa
Kurokawa Satoshi   Pinal
La Casse   Francis   Maricopa
La Grange Judd   Yuma
La Rue   Raymond   Maricopa
Laba   Raymond   Maricopa
Ladas   Clements   Maricopa
LaGrange   Judd   Yavapai
Laird   Alexander Maricopa
Lalbrooks   Arthur   Maricopa
Lamb   Joe   Maricopa
Lamb    Nash   Maricopa
Lambert   Lester   Mohave
Lambert   Paul   State at Large
Lancaster   Lindoe   Graham
Landry   Russell   Pima
Lanford, Jr. Walter   Maricopa
Lara   Raymond   Maricopa
Largo   Phillip   Maricopa
Larini   Manuel   Pinal
Larios   Carlos   Maricopa
Larson   John   Cochise
Larson   Corwin   Navajo
Lassiter   Eugene   Pinal
Latimer   John   Pinal
Lauderdale Moody   Maricopa
Laws   Richard   Maricopa
Lee   Brooks   Graham
Lee   James   Pima
Lee   Robert   Pima
Lefthand   Silas   Coconino
LeMarr   Ronald   State at Large
Lemon   Stanley   Maricopa
Lemons   Merlin   Greenlee
Lenz   Paul   Maricopa
Lenz   Paul   Pima
Leone   Emil   Navajo
Leone   Tony   Pima
Leonel   Cesario   Pima
Lerma   Eugene   Pinal
Leroy   Frank   Maricopa
Levy   Louis   Yavapai
Levy   Louis   Yuma
Lewis   David   Maricopa
Lewis   Elijah   Maricopa
Lewis   Kenneth   Maricopa
Lewis   Nelson   Navajo
Lewis   Joe   Pima
Lewis   Arthur   Pinal
Lewis    Elijah   Maricopa
Lewis, Jr.   Richard   Maricopa
Liard   Alexander Maricopa
Licano   Pedro   Pinal
Lighty   William   Maricopa
Lillard   Lex   Pima
Lindholm   John   Cochise
Lindsay   Harold   Pima
Lira   Albert   Pinal
Lively   Roscoe   Maricopa
Loera   Orlando   Gila
Loftin   Howard   Maricopa
Loges   Walter   Maricopa
Lomahaftewa Alonzo   Maricopa
Long   Harry   Maricopa
Long   Jess   Maricopa
Longseth   Jack   Maricopa
Lopez   Joe Angel Apache
Lopez   Guillermo Gila
Lopez   Juan   Maricopa
Lopez   Bernie   Navajo
Lopez   Ralph   Navajo
Lopez   Ignacio   Pima
Lopez   Richard   Pima
Lopez   Manual   Pima
Lopez   Ramon   Santa Cruz
Losey   Ronald   Yavapai
Loukai   Fred   Navajo
Lovett   John   Maricopa
Lowell   Hervey   Pima
Lowery   Howell   Yavapai
Lowrey   David   Coconino
Lozano   Selzo   Maricopa
Lucero   Jesus   Apache
Lucero   Joe   Apache
Lucio   Gregorio   Greenlee
Lucio   Dionicio   Pima
Luco   Cleofas   Maricopa
Luco   Joe   Maricopa
Luken   Bernard   Maricopa
Luna   Tony   Coconino
Lungershausen John   Maricopa
Lutz   John   State at Large
Lyles   Dudley   Gila
Lynch   Floyd   Maricopa
Mabante   James   Santa Cruz
MacAllister D.   Navajo
Macdonald Gerald   Maricopa
Maddox   Morrison   Navajo
Madero, Jr. Juan   Pima
Madokoro Harry   Pinal
Madrid   John   Pinal
Madrid   Robert   Yavapai
Madrid   Antonio   Yavapai
Magby   Arlie   State at Large
Mahan   Doyle   Maricopa
Mahoney   William   Cochise
Maldonado Alex   Maricopa
Maldonado Edward   Pima
Mall   Donn   State at Large
Malone   Harlan   Graham
Malone   John   Greenlee
Malone   Richard   Maricopa
Man   Edwin   Coconino
Manes   Wayne   Maricopa
Manges   William   Yavapai
Manges   William   Yuma
Manning   Robert   Pima
Manriquez Tony   Maricopa
Manrriquez Paulino   Pima
Mansfield Clarence   Navajo
Manuel   Dennis   Pinal
Marich   Mike   Gila
Mariscal   Arnold   Pima
Marlon   Jack   Yavapai
Marlow   Jack   Yuma
Marquez   Edmund   Greenlee
Marquez   Francisco   Maricopa
Marquez   Humberto Santa Cruz
Martin   Clyde   Maricopa
Martin   Herman   Pima
Martineau Jesse   State at Large
Martinez   Jose   Apache
Martinez   Antonio   Cochise
Martinez   Norberto   Gila
Martinez   Jesus   Gila
Martinez   Fred   Maricopa
Martinez   Gilbert   Maricopa
Martinez   Nicholas   Pinal
Martinez   Pete   Pinal
Mason, Jr. Walter   Yavapai
Mast   Albert   Pima
Mathews   Eugene   Maricopa
Mathieson Jim   Maricopa
Matley   Robert   Yavapai
Matthews Norman   Maricopa
Matthews, Jr. Earl   Maricopa
Mattice   Rue   Graham
May   James   Yavapai
May   James   Yuma
Mays   Jack   Maricopa
McBride   Reo   Graham
McBride   Dewaine   Graham
McBride   Graham   Maricopa
McCain   John   Yavapai
McCain   John   Yuma
McCardell Mack   Maricopa
McCauley Charles   Maricopa
McClave   Alzer   State at Large
McClendon Elwood   Pima
Mcclure, Jr. Robert   Santa Cruz
McComas   Steven   Graham
McCrory   Kenneth   Maricopa
McCulley   Robert   Maricopa
McCulloch Herman   Greenlee
McCulloch Fred   Pima
McCullough Jack   Pinal
McCurry   Samuel   Maricopa
McDaniel   Oliver   Maricopa
McDaniel   Laurel   Maricopa
McDaniel   George   Pinal
McDevitt   Francis   Mohave
McElhaney Luther   Gila
McEuen   Sam   Pima
McFarland J.   Navajo
McFrederick Clyde   Maricopa
McGahan   James   Maricopa
McGee   Clark   Pima
McGrath   Thomas   Pima
McKee   Samuel   Maricopa
McKenzie Leonard   Maricopa
McKenzie, Jr. G.A.   Yavapai
McKinley   Edgar   Apache
McKinney Danny   Pima
McKinney Aaron   State at Large
McLain   Gail   Yavapai
McMillan   Donnelly   Coconino
McMillan, Jr. W.   Gila
McNeel   Louis   Coconino
McRae   Rex   Graham
Mead   Charles   Maricopa
Mecey   Harold   Maricopa
Mejia   Felipe   Gila
Mejia   Manuel   Maricopa
Mendoza   Simon   Maricopa
Mendoza   Esidro   Yavapai
Menzie   Robert   Pima
Meredith   John   Graham
Merrill   Keith   Graham
Merrill   James   State at Large
Metzger   Robert   Yavapai
Meyer   Lenard   Pinal
Meza   Henry   Pima
Miguel   Lemuel   Maricopa
Miguel   Ernie   Yavapai
Miguel   Ernie   Yuma
Mikels   David   Cochise
Milan   Robert   Apache
Milda   David   Pinal
Miller   Harold   Cochise
Miller   Thomas   Maricopa
Miller   Charles   Pima
Miller   Joe   Pinal
Miller    Willard   Greenlee
Miller, Jr.   Joseph   Maricopa
Miller, Jr.   Brucw   Mohave
Mills   Robert   Navajo
Minnick   Darwin   State at Large
Miranda   Carlos   Maricopa
Miranda   Gerardo   Maricopa
Miranda   Cerardo   Maricopa
Miranda   Alejandro Pima
Mitchell   Merle   Maricopa
Mitchell   Leon   Pima
Mitchell, Jr. Albert   Cochise
Molina   Abram   Maricopa
Mondragon Melchor   Maricopa
Monfort   Joseph   Maricopa
Monson   Carl   Pima
Montgomery Warren    Maricopa
Montgomery Shelley   Maricopa
Montgomery George   Pima
Montgomery Joseph   Yavapai
Montiel   Roberto   Santa Cruz
Montierth Dan   Maricopa
Montjo   Joe   Pinal
Moody   Lavon   Graham
Moody   Charles   Pinal
Moore   Dwaine   Gila
Moore   Jimmie   Maricopa
Moore   John   Maricopa
Moore   Rupert   Maricopa
Moore   Charles   Maricopa
Moore   Harley   Maricopa
Moore   Hugh   Maricopa
Moore   Cornelius   Pima
Moore   Herbert   State at Large
Moraca   Alex   Maricopa
Moraga   Raymond   Maricopa
Moraga   Raul   Pima
Morales   Frank   Cochise
Morales   Manuel   Gila
Morales   Alcario   Pima
Moreno   Moises   Coconino
Moreno   Fred   Maricopa
Moreno   Henry   Pima
Moreno   Jose   Pima
Morfeld   Lawrence   Apache
Morgan   George   Apache
Morgan   Coy   Gila
Morgan   Bill   Maricopa
Morgan   James   Maricopa
Morgan   Florence   State at Large
Morris   Joseph   Greenlee
Morris   Hugh   Maricopa
Morris   Joshua   Maricopa
Morris   Joshua   Pima
Mortensen Lawrence  Maricopa
Mortensen John   Maricopa
Moss   Willie   Apache
Moss   Gentry   Pima
Mothershed Lloyd   Maricopa
Mowrey   Charles   Maricopa
Moyer   Henry   Maricopa
Muffley, Jr. John   Maricopa
Muir   Robert   Pima
Munoz   Trinidad   Maricopa
Munoz   Tomas   Yavapai
Murless   James   Maricopa
Murphy   James   Cochise
Murphy   Ralph   Coconino
Murray   Wallace   Maricopa
Murray   Lawrence   Maricopa
Murrietta   Leonard   Maricopa
Murtha   Paul   State at Large
Muse   Virgil   Cochise
Musfelt   Roy   Yavapai
Myers   Borden   Maricopa
Myers, Jr.   Lemuel   Cochise
Nabours   James   Pima
Napier, Jr. William   Graham
Narcho   Marvin   Pima
Nations   Allen   Cochise
Naylor   Carl   Pima
Needham Carl   Maricopa
Neeham   Carlos   Maricopa
Nehoitewa Owen   Navajo
Nelson   Howard   Apache
Nelson   Sern   Maricopa
Nelson   Walter   Navajo
Nelson, Jr. Claude   Maricopa
Netser   James   Maricopa
Nevarez   Joe   Maricopa
Nevitt   John   Pima
Newcomer Virgil   Pima
NewKirk   Gerard   Pinal
Newman   Harry   Coconino
Newman   George   Maricopa
Newman   Harry   State at Large
Nichols   Earl   Cochise
Nichols   Joseph   Coconino
Nichols   Eugene   Mohave
Nicholson Anthony   Cochise
Nicoll   Don   Maricopa
Nightlinger Ivan   Maricopa
Nishi   Takanori   Maricopa
Nitta   Kongo   Maricopa
Nivin   William   Maricopa
Noble   John   Pima
Noetzel   Charles   Pinal
Nolen   Herschel   State at Large
Nord   Don   Yavapai
Nord   Don   Yuma
Nordyke   William   Pima
Noreno   Moises   Coconino
Norris   Henry   Pima
Norris   Henry   Pinal
Norton   Silas   Apache
Norton   Melvin   Graham
Norzagaray Anibal   Pima
Notah   Willie   Apache
Null   John   Maricopa
Nummena George   Maricopa
Nunez   Clarence   Pima
Nunez   Arthur   Pinal
Nunnery   Leroy   Pima
Nye   Paul   Yavapai
Nye   Paul   Yavapai
Obrien   John   Coconino
O’Brien   John   Coconino
Ocano   Arthur   Maricopa
Ochoa   Frank   Maricopa
Ochoa   Alejo   Pinal
Odell   Cecil   Greenlee
Oden   Joseph   Cochise
Ohair   Vonder   Yavapai
Ohair   Vonder   Yuma
Olague   Rudy   Yavapai
Olea   Joe   Maricopa
Olea   Inocente   Yavapai
Olguin   Manuel   Pinal
Olivas   Antonio   Maricopa
Olivaz   Gavino   Greenlee
Olivaz   Cavino   Greenlee
Oliver   Henry   Maricopa
Olson   Clarence   State at Large
Olson, Jr.   John   State at Large
O’Neil   Thomas   Greenlee
Ong   Edward   Maricopa
Orabuena Oscar   Maricopa
Orante   Armando   Maricopa
Orick   Merton   Maricopa
Orr   Robert   Maricopa
Ortega   Frank   Maricopa
Ortega   Raul   Maricopa
Ortega   Elias   Pinal
Ortega, Jr. Jose   Pima
Orth   Louis   Cochise
Ortiz   Lupe   Pinal
Ortiz   Ramon   Pinal
Osborne   Floyd   Gila
Osif   Percy   Maricopa
Oswald   Leslie   Maricopa
Ota   George   Pinal
Overstreet, Jr. Rufus   Pima
Owens   Chester   Maricopa
Owens   Paul   Pinal
Pace   Warren   Maricopa
Pace   William   Navajo
Pacheco   Raul   Graham
Pacheco   Joe   Maricopa
Pacheco   Robert   Pima
Paddock   Warren   Maricopa
Padilla   Hilario   Maricopa
Padilla   Raymond   Navajo
Pahayeoma Stetson   Maricopa
Painter   Lonnie   Gila
Pallanes   Jesus   Pima
Palmer   Ira   Maricopa
Palmer   Paul   State at Large
Park   Raymond   Mohave
Parker   Arthur   Pinal
Parkman   Charlie   Pima
Parmer   James   Pima
Parra   Henry   Pima
Patterson Roy   Maricopa
Patterson John   Pinal
Paul   Irving   Pima
Paul   Fred   State at Large
Paxton   Joseph   Maricopa
Payan   Samuel   Maricopa
Payne   Ralph   Yavapai
Paz   Ignacio   Greenlee
Peace   William   Gila
Pearsall   Donald   Yavapai
Peck   Hubert   Graham
Peirce, Jr. Gerry   Pima
Peniger   Paul   Coconino
Peninger   Paul   Coconino
Perales   Alfredo   Maricopa
Peralta   Rudolph   Pinal
Perea   Alexander Maricopa
Perez   Julian   Maricopa
Perez   Jesus   Maricopa
Perez   Antonio   Yavapai
Perez   Antonio   Yavapai
Perez   Abelrdo   Yuma
Perkins   Alfred   Maricopa
Perkins   Robert   Yavapai
Perkins, Jr. Warren   Coconino
Perry   Elton   Maricopa
Peswlakai Frank   Apache
Peters   Johnston   Maricopa
Peters   Carlos   Santa Cruz
Peterson   Arman   Coconino
Peterson   Clayton   Maricopa
Petrie   Donald   Coconino
Petty   Ferrest   Gila
Phillips   Earl   Maricopa
Pierce   Lenory   Maricopa
Pierce   Raymond   Maricopa
Pierce   Ray   Maricopa
Pierpaoli, Jr. Robert   Yuma
Pigg   John   State at Large
Pinal   Ross   Navajo
Pitts    Jesse   Maricopa
Plummer   Hosteen   Apache
Poeling   Jack   Graham
Polanco   Jesus   Pima
Pollard   Harry   Pima
Pollock   Jesse   Navajo
Poncho   Harold   Maricopa
Portella   Antonio   Maricopa
Porter   John   Cochise
Porter   Donald   Graham
Porter   James   Maricopa
Porter   Arlin   Navajo
Portillo   Albert   Gila
Portwood Norman   State at Large
Post   Leland   State at Large
Powell   Leonard   Maricopa
Powell   Bruce   Santa Cruz
Prall   Robert   Maricopa
Pratt   Lillard   Mohave
Price   Irwin   Apache
Price   John   Maricopa
Price   Louis   Yavapai
Price   William   Yavapai
Price Jr   Thurman   Pinal
Priest   James   Maricopa
Pronoroff Alex   Maricopa
Provencio Albert   Greenlee
Pruitt   Albert   Yavapai
Pryor   Clifford   Maricopa
Puhuquaptena N.A.   Navajo
Putnam   Neil   Maricopa
Pyatt   Charles   Yavapai
Pyeatt   Merl   Gila
Pyles   Sydnor   Pima
Quesada   Rodolfo   Graham
Quigg   Jack    Maricopa
Quinones Florencio   Cochise
Quinones Alphonse   Maricopa
Quinones Valeriano Maricopa
Quintero   Andres   Pinal
Quinuiz   Rafael   Cochise
Rabago   Fernando   Gila
Ramierez   Henry   Maricopa
Ramierez   Juan   Maricopa
Ramierez   Manuel   Maricopa
Ramierez   Alexander Santa Cruz
Ramierez   Manuel   Santa Cruz
Ramierez   Illario   Yavapai
Ramirez   Manuel   Maricopa
Ramirez   Eduardo   Pinal
Ramirez   Alex   Santa Cruz
Ramirez   Manuel   Santa Cruz
Ramirez   Ilario   Yuma
Ramon   George   Maricopa
Ramos   Manuel   Cochise
Ramos   Joe   Gila
Ramos   Jesus   Yavapai
Ramos   Jesus   Yuma
Ramsay   John   Pima
Randall   John   Cochise
Rawson   George   Coconino
Ray   James   Yavapai
Ray   James   Yuma
Raya   Nicholas   Yavapai
Raya   Nicholas   Yuma
Rector   Vernon   Maricopa
Redman   Robert   Gila
Redmon   Elmore   Yavapai
Redmon   Elmore   Yuma
Reed   John   Cochise
Reed   Frank   Gila
Reed   Evans   Maricopa
Reed   Wendell   Maricopa
Reed   Frank   Santa Cruz
Reed   Fred   State at Large
Reedy   Clyde   Graham
Reeves   Roland   Pinal
Renshaw   David   Maricopa
Renshaw   Harry   Santa Cruz
Revis   Samuel   Pima
Reyes   Raul   Cochise
Reyes   Mike   Gila
Reyes   Refucio   Maricopa
Reyes   Miguel   Pima
Reyes   Frank   Yavapai
Reyes, Jr.   Edward   Gila
Reza   Peter   Maricopa
Riaza   Manual   Maricopa
Rice   Daniel   Maricopa
Rich   Valjean   Pima
Richins   Othello   Maricopa
Rico   Rudolph   Yavapai
Rico   Rudolph   Yuma
Rider   Von   Maricopa
Riedel   Carlos   Maricopa
Riesco   Alfredo   Pima
Riggs   Russell   Gila
Riley   Arthur   Pinal
Riley, Jr.   Fred   Maricopa
Rilling   Marvin   Yavapai
Rimmer   Wesley   State at Large
Rios   Curz   Maricopa
Rios   Katerion   Pima
Rios   Tony   Pima
Rivas, Jr.   Manuel   Cochise
Rivera   Jose   Pima
Roach   Bennie   Maricopa
Roberts   William   Coconino
Roberts   James   Maricopa
Roberts   J   Maricopa
Robertson Dueron   Maricopa
Robertson, Jr. John   Maricopa
Robles   Alejandro Greenlee
Robles   Joe   Maricopa
Robles   Alexander Pima
Robles   Merardo   Pima
Robles   Pedro   Santa Cruz
Rocha   Francisco   Santa Cruz
Rodes   Warden   Maricopa
Rodriguez Enrique   Cochise
Rodriguez Eulogio   Gila
Rodriguez Jose   Gila
Rodriguez Frank   Greenlee
Rodriguez Manuel   Mohave
Rodriguez Procopio   Pima
Rodriguez Ernest   Pinal
Rodriguez Louis   Pinal
Rodriguez Alfredo   Santa Cruz
Rodriguez Teodoro   Yavapai
Rogers   Mervin   Graham
Rogers   Kent   Maricopa
Rogers   Mervin    
Rolph   Rulen   Maricopa
Roman   Ramejio   Maricopa
Romero   Jesus   Cochise
Romero   Ralph   Cochise
Romero   Luis   Cochise
Romero   Albert   Gila
Romero   Jesus   Maricopa
Romero   Frank   Pima
Romero   Alejandro Pinal
Romero, Jr. Frank   Maricopa
Romo   Juan   Cochise
Rosales   Antionio   Cochise
Rosales   Antonio   Pinal
Rose   Billy   Gila
Rosner   Elmer   Maricopa
Rossington Howard   Pima
Rouse   Barney   Maricopa
Rubi   Epimenio   Navajo
Rubio   Robert   Pima
Ruckler   Harold   Pima
Rudolph   Joseph   Maricopa
Ruelas   Frank   Pima
Ruff   Clem   Gila
Ruff   George   Pima
Ruis, Jr.   James   Maricopa
Ruiz   Ray   Cochise
Ruiz   Louis   Graham
Ruiz   Ramon   Greenlee
Ruiz   Joe   Maricopa
Ruiz   Rudoloho Maricopa
Ruiz   Joaquin   Pima
Ruiz   Theodore Pinal
Ruiz, Jr.   James   Maricopa
Rundel   Thurlby   State at Large
Runions   Lindsey   Maricopa
Runnells   Ardian   Maricopa
Rush   Richard   State at Large
Russell   Lawrence  Gila
Russell   William   Maricopa
Russell   Samuel   Pinal
Ruth   James   Pinal
Rutkowski Frank   Yavapai
Rutkowski Frank   Yavapai
Ryan   Kenneth   Maricopa
Ryan, Jr.   Robert   Maricopa
Ryker   Paul   Maricopa
Sadler   Robert   Maricopa
Saffell   Morris   Apache
Saiz   Manuel   Pinal
Sakyesva   Nelson   Navajo
Salas   Jesus   Gila
Salas   Manuel   Maricopa
Salazar   Luis   Cochise
Salazar   Albert   Maricopa
Salazar   David   Yavapai
Salgado   Joe   Cochise
Saliba   George   Maricopa
Salinas   Manuel   Maricopa
Sallie   Clem   Pima
Samuels   Jack   Cochise
Samuels   James   Maricopa
Sanchez   Alfredo   Greenlee
Sanchez   Frederick   Maricopa
Sanchez   Julius   Pima
Sanchez   Robert   Yavapai
Sandoval   Juan   Maricopa
Santa Cruz Rafael   Pima
Santa Cruz Eugene   Santa Cruz
Santa Cruz Larence   Yavapai
Santa Cruz Lawrence  Yuma
Sapien   Juan   Maricopa
Saucedo   Fred   Gila
Savage   Gordon   Maricopa
Savage   John   Pima
Schick   Raymond   Maricopa
Schiel, Jr.   Frank   Yavapai
Schliske   Elmer   Pinal
Schmid   Robert   Cochise
Scholl, Jr.   William   Pima
Schulze   Hermann   Pima
Schumacker Herbert   Yavapai
Schuster   Edward   Apache
Schutz   George   Yavapai
Schutz   George   Yuma
Schwark   William   Yavapai
Schwark   William   Yuma
Schwartz   Alvin   Maricopa
Schweberger Cyril   Pinal
Scott   William   Maricopa
Scott   Oliver   Maricopa
Scott   Charles   Maricopa
Scott   Virgil   Pima
Sean   Henry   Cochise
Sedillo   James   Coconino
Seeley   Van   Greenlee
Seeley   Francis   Maricopa
Seeley   Francis   Pima
Segar   James   Cochise
Segraves   Alfonso   Pima
Seidel   Alfred   Pima
Sekayouma Jacob   Cochise
Selph   Bert   Maricopa
Sena   Benny   Apache
Sessions   James   Cochise
Sewell   John   Pima
Shaffstall   James   Maricopa
Shalley   Charles    Maricopa
Shampine Craig   State at Large
Shannon, Jr. Frank   Maricopa
Sharber, Jr. Joseph   Coconino
Sharp   Freeman   Yavapai
Sharp   Freeman   Yuma
Sharpe   Bob   Pinal
Sheek   Andrew   Cochise
Sheek   John   Maricopa
Shelde   Leander   Yuma
Sheloe   Leander   Yavapai
Shelton   George   Maricopa
Shelton   James   Maricopa
Shelton   Cletus   Yavapai
Shelton   Wayne   Yuma
Shelton   Cletus   Yuma
Sherwood Lincoln   Apache
Shimanek Stanley   Maricopa
Shively   Jack   Gila
Shoemaker Daniel   Pinal
Shores   Robert   Yavapai
Shuey   Cread   Maricopa
Shumate   James   Maricopa
Shumway Don   Maricopa
Shumway Nephi   Maricopa
Shyrer   Roy   Maricopa
Siew   John   Pima
Simmons   William   Gila
Simmons   William   State at Large
Simms   Cortez   Cochise
Simpson   Alvin   Maricopa
Simpson   Harlod   Maricopa
Simpson   Floyd   Maricopa
Simpson   Harold   Maricopa
Sims   Wendell   Maricopa
Sims   William   Pima
Sing   James   Maricopa
Siqueiros   Ramon   Maricopa
Sitton   Morton   State at Large
Skeen   Harvey   Gila
Skjonsby   Verne   Maricopa
Slagle   Charles   Maricopa
Smith   Edmund   Apache
Smith   Leroy   Apache
Smith   James   Graham
Smith   George   Maricopa
Smith   Willard   Maricopa
Smith   Clarence   Maricopa
Smith   Raymond   Mohave
Smith   Aikens   Navajo
Smith   J.T.   Navajo
Smith   Lowell   Pima
Smith   Robert   Pinal
Smith   Thomas   Pinal
Smith   Bud   State at Large
Smith   Homer   Yavapai
Smith   Lavern   Yavapai
Smith   Buddy   Yavapai
Smith   Homer   Yuma
Smith   Lavern   Yuma
Smith, Jr.   Ralph   Pima
Smithson   Lehi   Graham
Smothers   W.   Gila
Snyder   Verne   Apache
Snyder   Jack   Maricopa
Soatikee   Albert   Maricopa
Son   James   Santa Cruz
Sosa   Robert   Cochise
Sotelo   Charles   Cochise
Sotelo   Arturo   Pima
Soto   Floyd   Maricopa
Soto   Raymon   Maricopa
Soto   Carlos   Pinal
Soza   Baudello   Maricopa
Speight   Frank   Pinal
Spence   Fremon   Cochise
Spencer   Charles   Cochise
Spencer   Thomas   Pima
Spencer   Thomas   Pinal
Sprinkle   John   Pima
Spurlin   Jesse   Maricopa
Squire   William   Pima
Stacher, Jr. Sherman   Apache
Stacy   Berl   Greenlee
Stacy   Robert   Greenlee
Stafford   Jack   Maricopa
Stafford   Charles   Santa Cruz
Standifird Frank   Navajo
Standifird Gyll   Navajo
Standish   Fred    Cochise
Stanley   Ernest   Graham
Stapley   James   Maricopa
Stapp   Clarence   Maricopa
Stapp   Billie   Maricopa
Stapp   Kenneth   Pima
Stapp   Billie   Pima
Stawsek   Joe   Yavapai
Steelman   Earl   Coconino
Steinke   William   Gila
Stemen, Jr. Clarence   Cochise
Stephens   Alvin   Maricopa
Stephens   William   Yavapai
Stevens   Oscar   Pima
Stevenson James   Cochise
Stevenson Loomis   Maricopa
Steward   Jack   Maricopa
Stewart   Edward   Graham
Stewart   Marshall   Maricopa
Stewart   John   Maricopa
Stewart   Raymond   Pima
Stewart   Harrie   Pinal
Stewart   Arlie   Pinal
Stiles   Roger   Navajo
Stoddard   Alfred   Cochise
Stoddard   Edward   Maricopa
Stoia   Elmer   Maricopa
Stradling   John   Mohave
Stratton   Roy   State at Large
Stratton   Douglas   Yavapai
Strevel   Herman   Pinal
Strozier   John   State at Large
Stubblefield Karl   Pinal
Stuermer   John   Graham
Stute, Jr.   Henry   Greenlee
Suarez   Ben   Cochise
Sullivan   Ross   Maricopa
Sullivan   C.   Maricopa
Susich   John   Apache
Sutherlin   Alfred   Graham
Swanson   Joseph   Maricopa
Talbott   Russell   Maricopa
Tan   Lee   Yavapai
Tan    Lee   Yuma
Tang   Don   Maricopa
Tankersley Herman   Yavapai
Tapia   Albert   Gila
Tapia   Mariano   Pima
Tapia   Mariano   Pima
Tatlock   James   Maricopa
Tatom   William   Cochise
Tavanico   Raymond   Cochise
Taylor   William   Coconino
Taylor   Floyd   Maricopa
Taylor   Melvin   Maricopa
Taylor   Charles   Pima
Taylor   Lavon   State at Large
Taylor   Robert   Yavapai
Taylor   Robert   Yuma
Teague   John   Yavapai
Teba   Sammy   Apache
Tellez, Jr.   D.   Greenlee
Templeton W   Maricopa
Terry   De Witt   Cochise
Terry   Joe   Maricopa
Terry   Phillips   Pima
Terry   Newton   Pinal
Tezak   Rudolph   Yavapai
Thatcher   Carl   Pima
Thomas   Edward   Cochise
Thomas   Jack   Maricopa
Thomas   Joe   Maricopa
Thomas   James   Maricopa
Thompson James   State at Large
Thompson Alva   Yavapai
Thomson   Foster   Maricopa
Thornburg Douglas   Pinal
Throssell, Jr. Tom   Pima
Tin   Jen   Navajo
Tingle   Jack    Maricopa
Tinker   Charles   Pima
Tinney   Gail   Yavapai
Tivey   Donald   State at Large
Tock   John   State at Large
Todd   Elzie   Pima
Todecoz   Bernard   Apache
Toler   Buford   Graham
Tolley   Herbert   State at Large
Tomanta   Tommie   Mohave
Tosh   Bill   Maricopa
Toyota   Shichizo   Yavapai
Toyota   Schichizo   Yuma
Tracey   Fred   Apache
Travis   Byron   Maricopa
Tremaine   Jay   Pima
Troglia   John   Gila
Truett   Clyde   Pinal
Tryon   Clarence   State at Large
Tsukamoto Daniel   Maricopa
Tucker   Robert   Maricopa
Tudor   Oliver   Maricopa
Tully   Edward   Pima
Turley   Charles   Navajo
Turley   Grant   Navajo
Turner   Frank   Yavapai
Tustison   Joseph   Maricopa
Twitchell   Wirt   Maricopa
Udall   King   Maricopa
Ulrich   John   Pinal
Underwood Allan   Santa Cruz
Urias   Manuel   Pima
Urias   Eulojio   Yavapai
Urias   Eulojio   Yuma
Uribe   Ramon   Yavapai
Uribe   Ramon   Yuma
Urman   Harry   Maricopa
Urquides   Reinaldo   Pima
Urton   William   Pinal
Valdez   Juan   Yavapai
Valdez   Juan   Yuma
Valentine Isaiah   Maricopa
Valenzuela Alberto   Cochise
Valenzuela F.   Cochise
Valenzuela Raul   Maricopa
Valenzuela Jesus   Pima
Valenzuela A.B   Pinal
Valenzuela Steven   Santa Cruz
Van Horn   James   Pima
Varela, Jr. Paul   Pima
Vargas   Enrique   Cochise
Varnell   Claude   Navajo
Vasquez   Manuel   Cochise
Vasquez   John   Gila
Vasquez   Raul   Pima
Vasquez   Manuel   Pinal
Vasquez   Margarito Yavapai
Vasquez   Margarito Yuma
Vega, Jr.   Carlos   Pima
Vega, Jr.   Robert   Pima
Velasquez Luis   Santa Cruz
Venegas   Ouilino   Yavapai
Venegas   Quilino   Yuma
Victery, Jr. Gary   State at Large
Vidovich   Harlyn   Pinal
Villa   Joe   Maricopa
Villa   Roberto   Pinal
Villaescusa Phillips   Pima
Villanueva Louis   Maricopa
Villarreal   John   Maricopa
Villegas   Robert   Pinal
Vinson   John   Maricopa
Vuletich   Robert   Gila
Waas   Darrell   Maricopa
Wade   Wayne   Maricopa
Wadkins, Jr. John   Pinal
Wagner   Joseph   Pima
Walker   Thomas   Mohave
Walker   Arthur   Pima
Walker   Edward   Pinal
Walker   Jerry   Pinal
Wall   William   Gila
Wall   George   State at Large
Wallace   L.   Maricopa
Waller   Russell   State at Large
Walser   Aubrey   Pinal
Walters   Robert   Maricopa
Wampler   Grant   Pinal
Wanslee, Jr. Thomas   Gila
Ward   Ralph   Maricopa
Ware   LeRoy   Pima
Ware   Le Roy   Pima
Warford   Ralph   Maricopa
Watkins, Jr. Owen   Maricopa
Watts   Thomas   Gila
Webb   Lee   Maricopa
Webb    William   Cochise
Webb, Jr.   Harvey   Pima
Webb, Jr.   Elson   Pinal
Webster   James   Pima
Welker   Edwin   Graham
West   Karl   Navajo
Westfall   Alfred   Pinal
Weston   Benjamin   Yavapai
Wetmore   Robert   Pima
Whalley   John   Maricopa
Wharton   Wesley   Maricopa
Whipple   Alvin    Maricopa
Whitaker   Charles   Maricopa
White   James   Maricopa
White   Joaquin   Mohave
White   Wallace   Pinal
White   Leslie   Yavapai
White   Leslie   Yuma
Whitecotton Horace   Maricopa
Whitehall Richard   Maricopa
Whitehead Orral   Santa Cruz
Whitley   Marion   Navajo
Whitney   Francis   Pima
Whyman, Jr. Richard   Maricopa
Wick   Robert   Pima
Wigley   Roy   Maricopa
Wilbanks   Leslie   Maricopa
Wilbanks   Oscar   Pima
Wiles   Felix   Maricopa
Wilkes   Joseph   Maricopa
Wilkins   James   Yavapai
Wilkins   James   Yuma
Wilkinson Arthur   Maricopa
Willard   Buford   Maricopa
Williams   Ralph   Apache
Williams   Bobby   Coconino
Williams   Tommy   Gila
Williams   Frank   Maricopa
Williams   Jack   Maricopa
Williams   James   Maricopa
WIlliams   Ron   Pima
Williams   Larry   Pima
Williams   Tom   Pima
Williams   Timothy   State at Large
Williamson George   State at Large
Willis   Jasper   Graham
Willis   Joseph   Maricopa
Willis   Waldo   Navajo
Wills   Clyde   Maricopa
Wilsford   Clyde   Maricopa
Wilson   Roger   Cochise
Wilson   John   Maricopa
Wilson   Patrick   Maricopa
Wilson   Merton   Maricopa
Wilson   Von   Pinal
Wilson   Ransome   Yavapai
Wilson   Ransome   Yuma
Windom   Homer   Pinal
Winfred   Lilie   Mohave
Winfred   Leslie   Mohave
Wingert   Merle   Navajo
Wingfield Charles   Yavapai
Winn   Horace   Maricopa
Winship   Albert   Maricopa
Winsor   Woodrow Graham
Winsor   Andrew   Graham
Witt   Hamp   Maricopa
Wolcott   Henry   Cochise
Wolfe   Lewey   Cochise
Wolz   Fred   Maricopa
Wood   Earl   Cochise
Wood   Robert   Maricopa
Woodard   Floyd   Maricopa
Wooddell, Jr. D.J.   Santa Cruz
Woodford Russell   Mohave
Woringen Alexander Coconino
Worsham   Kenneth   Yavapai
Wright   Paul   Maricopa
Wrinch   Robert   Maricopa
Wyatt   Henry   Greenlee
Wylie   George   Cochise
Wynne   John   Maricopa
Yancey   Don   Maricopa
Yanez   Andrew    Maricopa
Yanez   Joe   Santa Cruz
Yanez   Joe   Yavapai
Yanez   Joe   Yuma
Yarbrough Jack   Yavapai
Yarnell   William   Navajo
Yates   Oda   Maricopa
Yazzie   David   Apache
Ybarra   Ramon   Graham
Ybarra   Luis   Pima
Ycoco   Raul   Cochise
Yee   Tommie   Maricopa
Yee   Sing You   Pima
Young   Lew   Cochise
Young   Julius   Maricopa
Young   Warren   Pima
Young   Lenard   Pinal
Young   John   State at Large
Young, Jr.   Arch   Gila
Yurko   George   Gila
Zamarripa G.P.   Pinal
Zambonini Reno   Pima
Zardeneta Albert   Yavapai
Zavala   Alfonso   Gila
Zavala   Francis   Yavapai

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