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Statement on Sales Tax Initiative

“We’re satisfied to have a decision from the Supreme Court that the plaintiff’s mistaken submittal of two versions of the initiative was not a fatal error, and they substantially complied with statute. Our office was never trying to keep the measure on or off the ballot; rather it was about being certain that state law was sufficiently followed. The error had never occurred in Arizona before and it was important to seek a judicial resolution at the state’s highest court.”

“It’s noteworthy that the Supreme Court held that the filing merely met with the substantial compliance standard which is very different from the trial court’s ruling that the measure was in full compliance with the Arizona Constitution. We’re pleased that voters will now be able express their opinion on the initiative at the ballot box.”


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Top Two Primary Initiative

Top Two Primary Initiative

We’ve completed our process for the Open Government initiative. C-03-2012

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August 3, 2012 · 8:35 am