Supreme Court Rejects Stay

The United States Supreme Court has denied Arizona’s request for a stay from the 9th Circuit Court’s ruling that federal voter-registration law supersedes Arizona’s voter registration requirements.  Arizona filed the request in advance of the forthcoming appeal to the ruling in which the 9th Circuit struck down Arizona’s requirement that residents provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote on the federal form. 

The court fight stems back to 2004 when Arizona voters passed Proposition 200 which would help ensure that only US citizens vote in elections.

Those registering to vote in Arizona are required to prove citizenship by providing one of the following documents: a driver’s license, passport, birth certificate, tribal identification or naturalization certification number.  Voters seeking to register online must provide a driver’s license number, where eligibility is verified through Arizona’s motor vehicle system.

Last week’s disappointing action by the Supreme Court seemingly flies in the face of the text of the NVRA which uses the term ‘citizen’ repeatedly.  Arizonans clearly believe that people should provide proof of citizenship when they register to vote.

There isn’t a corner of this state where people are not concerned with voter fraud and opposition to the simple act of providing proof that you are legally eligible to participate in our elections is hard to fathom.  We look forward to the day when we’ll make our case for fair and fraud free elections to the Supreme Court.  Until then, we await the mandate from the 9th Circuit and will be working with the 15 counties as to a practical application.


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