Information about the Presidential Preference Election in Arizona

A presidential preference election (PPE) shall be held on the fourth Tuesday in February every four years. 

Next year, it will be held on February 28, 2012 unless the governor issues a proclamation that the PPE is to be held on a earlier date.  The proclamation must be issued no less than 150 days prior to the new election date.

If the election were to be held on February 28th, the first day to file as a candidate is December 20, 2011, and the last day to file would be January 9, 2012.

Our office will then certify names of candidates within 72 hours.

Here are some other interesting facts…

Ballots for each political party will be printed on different colored paper, if more than one party is participating or on white paper with a different colored stripe. 

  • Only one party may be represented on each ballot
  • No ballot rotation
  • Arrangement of candidates’ names on the ballot is drawn by lot.
  • No other election may appear on the PPE ballot
  • Write-in candidates are prohibited
  • No other election may appear on the PPE ballot.
  • Early voting begins – February 2, 2012
  • Last day to mail early ballot – January 17, 2012
  • Special Military Write-in Ballots – January 13, 2012
  • The PPE shall be tabulated by congressional districts
  • No recounts
  • Counties must canvass within 10 days of the election
  • SOS must certify the results to the state party chairmen on or before the 2nd Monday after the election.

 A good thing to remember in Arizona is that our “open primary” provisions do not apply to the presidential preference election.  In order to vote the elector must be registered with a  participating political party.  In other words, only Republicans can participate in the Republican primary, not Independents, or people who haven’t declared a party preference.


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